A Pretty Little One

by The Late Joys

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released January 31, 2008

Robi Polgar: guitar, vocals
Patrick Lopez: bass
Stephan Jessin: keys
Rex Rizk: drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Alta Vista Recording, Austin, Texas with the help of Tom Johnson and Colin McDonald.
Words and music by Robi Polgar.



all rights reserved


The Late Joys Austin

With influences that include The Beatles, The Kinks, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, The Jam, The Clash and a slew of '80s and '90s Brit-pop guitar-based trailblazers, The Late Joys put on a high-octane show that's groovy, melodic and infused with fun.

The Late Joys play infectious sonic confections with literate lyrics, catchy melodies and unabashedly progressive political sensibilities.
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Track Name: Like Big Girls Do
Here comes a pretty little one, she's a pretty little sunshine girl
She wears flowers in her hair, she doesn't have a care in the world
She cries when she falls down, well we cry when we fall down, too
Pick yourself up, my little girl, like big girls do

Here comes another pretty one with a pretty little sundress on
She has a thing she wants to show you, then she's gonna sing you a song
She cries in the middle of the night when she wants her arms around you
Shake it off, my little girl, like big girls do (they do, it's true)

Yeah, you're only young once, they say
That doesn't mean you act that way
A glass of wine and a weekend garden
Keep you young at heart

Yeah, you grow up so fast, so what
That doesn't mean you get to give up
See the kids playing in the park
Keep you young at heart

Here comes another little one, where they're coming from is anyone's guess
You swear, with every passing year, they're lovely as the moment you met
Time flies have you ever wondered why, but not all the mythology's true
Make it up as you go along like little ones do
Track Name: You Won't Talk To Her
You won't talk to her when she wants you to
And you don't say a word when you come home after hours
Oh, she's fading like a flower
You could nurture her
With a couple kind words
But she's starved for attention
And the other thing that never gets mentioned

You won't talk to her, that's not all she wants from you
But you get cross and curse when she offers up herself
Oh, she's got nobody else
And your patter and your song
That attracted her are gone
So you lie by her side
In a parody of peace and quiet

Time past, oh you were a gas, but now you're mum
What's left to say when your words sublimate right on the tip of your tongue

You won't talk to her it's against the rules
And you don't keep your word so much as you strangle it
As you sit tight-lipped
You're the little Napoleon
Of a deaf and dumb show
And when she finally leaves
You'll be the enfant terrible of silence

You won't talk to her
You won't talk to her
You won't talk to her
You won't talk to her
Track Name: The Bitter End
Is she really there or is she in your dreams
And when she says she cares, she's not what she seems
Still you pretend, hanging on beyond the bitter end

In a moment she is here and far away
You would speak to her: There's nothing left to say
Some idle chat, but you've already had enough of that

You thought you had it all but you still beg and you still crawl
She takes advantage, you take the fall

You walk about, she turns heads while you turn inside out

You want to think you're in control but you've been bartered, you've been sold
Do what you please, she's tugging at your sleeve
And you make up but it's just make believe

First she stole your heart, but now she steals the scene
She'll tear you apart while you split at the seams
Still you pretend, hanging on beyond the bitter end
Then try again, hanging on beyond the bitter end
She's not your friend, hanging on beyond the bitter end
Then try again, hanging on beyond the bitter end